Dogs – Can Be A Pet Or Hunter

A dog is described as a domestic canid treated like a pet in most of the families around the world. Because of its loving, sensitive capabilities and loyal attributes dog is loved to be cared by the human. The history of dog is very suspicious because anciently the species was an artificial variety of brown jackal or wolf, but after in-depth study, the origin of a dog revealed as a part of rare species called Wolf many years ago. Dogs are known to be the oldest pet animal concerning the human being. Hence best small dog sitting service is one of the most important services for pet care. 

Dogs are available in a wide range for domestication purpose. They differ in size, shape, color, breed and habits. The sub categorization of the canid is discussed in the following manner:

Physical attributes

Dogs need extra care and attention regarding food habits. There are some plants which are dangerous to them because of its toxic properties, so due care should be kept in mind when you take your dog for a walk outdoor. Many of the dog varieties are affected with few genetic diseases like elbow dysplasia, weak night vision, hearing impaired and twisted knees. The two critical medical traumas which influence the large number of dogs to get killed are:

  1. Pyometra – It affects the female dogs of all varieties.
  2. Bloat – It affects the dogs having a broad chest.

Even nicotine containing items and parasites can adversely influence the health of the domestic dog. They are also vulnerable to the diseases like diabetes, cardiac disease, arthritis and epilepsy as in humans.

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Dogs- Life Tenure

Unfortunately like other canids dogs are too short lived. The shortest life cycle of the breed Bordeaux is estimated up to 5 years whereas other breeds sustain up to 7 years. The life span of each dog depends on upon their breed and size.


The reason for acquiring the position of most welcome and adorable pet among the human is due to the intellectual and high sensitivity nature of dogs. They are very quick in expressing the dangers or any malicious activity going around their owners. Because of high sensitive nose and hearing ability of different frequencies dogs acts as an alarm to the guardians for getting ready to face the unexpected. Due to these features, dogs are accompanied by military soldiers, cops patrolling and for top end security service agencies. The warning signs of dogs are:

  • Moving tail
  • Constant sniffing
  • Unusual barking
  • Pulling your legs or clothes towards something
  • Continuous scratching or scribbling on the ground

Dogs are used for hunting purposes also because of their inherited killing teeth and claws. This behavior is genetic in them due to their wolf family history. But after providing them training by the certified dog trainers, the attacking nature of a dog is utilized for security purposes, which is an aid to the human civilization. With few efforts and lots of love, these wild canids can be molded into bite free pets. There are many real stories you will come to know about the human and dogs friendship.